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Telecom Abbreviations

Terms used in telecommunication industry | Notations in telecom | Telecom Abbreviations | Telecom directory

LAN Local Area Network
WLAN Wireless Local Area Network 
WAN Wide Area Network 
MAN Metropolitan Area Network
SAN Storage Area Network, System Area Network, Server Area Network, or sometimes Small Area Network 
CAN Campus Area Network, Controller Area Network, or sometimes Cluster Area Network
PAN Personal Area Network
DAN Desk Area Network
AAL   ATM Adaptation Layer
AARP   AppleTalk Address Resloution Protocol
AARP   American Association of Retired Persons
ABC   American Broadcasting Company
ABR   Available Bit Rate
ADSP   AppleTalk Data Stream Protocol
AEP   AppleTalk Echo Protocol
AFP   AppleTalk Filing Protocol
ALTC   NASDAQ stock exchange symbol for Alantec
AM   Amplitude Modulation
ANSI   American National Standards Institute
ARP   Adress Resolution Protocol
ARPA   Advanced Research Projects Agency
ASC   Accredited Standards Committee
ASP   Actual Selling Price
ASP   AppleTalk Session Protocol
ATM   Asynchronus Transfer Mode
ATM   Automated Teller Machine
ATP   Appletalk Transaction Protocol
AUI   Attachment Unit Interface
BNC   Big/Bulky Nobby Connector
BUS   Broadcast/Unknown Server
CC   Carbon Copy
CCITT   International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee
CDDI   Copper Distributed Data Interface
CIA   Central Intelligence Agency
CMOS   Complementary MOS
CPE   Customer Premises Equipment
CPU   Central Processing Unit
CRC   Cyclic Redundancy Check
CSR   Command and Status Register
DAFI   Dual Attached FddI
DAS   Dual Attached Station
DCE   Data Circuit-terminating Equipment
DDN   Defense Data Network
DDP   Datagram Delivery Protocol (in AppleTalk)
DEC   Digital Equipment Corporation
DED   Dark Emitting Diode
DLE   Data Link Escape
DM   Delta Modulation
DMA   Direct Memory Access
DMV   Department of Motor Vehicles
DNA   Digital Network Architechture
DNA   Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid
DOD   Department of Defense
DSP   Digital Signal Processor
DTE   Data Terminal Equipment
DVMRP   Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol
ECL   Emitter Coupled Logic
ECO   Engineering Change Order
ECR   Engineering Change Request
EEPROM   Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
ELAP   EtherTalk Link Access Protocol
EMA   Ethernet Media Adapter (marketing’s defn.)
EMA   Ethernet Medium Adapter (purist’s defn.)
EPROM   Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
ETLA   Extended Three Letter Abbreviation
ETLA   Extended Three Letter Acronym
FAE   Field Applications Engineer
FCC   Federal Communications Commission
FCS   Frame Check Sequence
FDDI   Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FDM   Frequency Division Multiplexing
FEMA   Fast Ethernet Media Adapter (marketing’s defn.)
FEMA   Fast Ethernet Medium Adapter (purist’s defn.)
FIFO   First In, First Out
FM   Frequency Modulation
FMA   FDDI Media Adapter (marketing’s defn.)
FMA   FDDI Medium Adapter (purist’s defn.)
FOIRL   Fiber Optic Inter-Repeater Link
FTP   File Transfer Protocol
GPS   Global Positioning System
GPS   Global Positioning Satellite
GUI   Graphical User Interface
HF   High Frequency
HHGTTG   HitchHiker’s Guide To The Galaxy
HTML   Hyper Text Markup Language
ICE   In Circuit Emulation
ICT   In Circuit Testing
IEEE   Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IETF   Internet Engineering Task Force
IF   Internal Frequency
IFDDI  – Integrated FDDI (Motorola FDDI chip)
IHOP   International House Of Pancakes
ILACC   Integrated Local Area Communications Controller(tm) (AMD Enet chip)
ILE   Integrated LAN Engine
IMHO   In My Humble Opinion…
IMP   Interface Message Processor
IOP   Input/Output Processor
IP   Internet Protocol
IPng   IP next generation
IPX   Internet Packet Exchange
ISDN   Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO   International Organization for Standardization
I/O   Input/Output
JEDEC   Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council
JTAG   Joint Test Action Group
KFC   Kentucky Fried Chicken
LAN   Local Area Network
LAW   Light Antitank Weapon
LCF   Low Cost Fiber (a FDDI term)
LED   Light Emitting Diode
LES   LAN Emulation Server
LIS   Logical IP Subnetwork
LLAP   LocalTalk Link Access Protocol
LLC   Logical Link Control
MAC   Media Access Control
MAU   Media Adapter Unit
MBNQA   Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award
MBPS   MegaBit Per Second
MCPU   Main Central Processing Unit
MIB   Management Information Base
MMU   Memory Management Unit
MOS   Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
MPOA   Multi-Protocol over ATM
MRI   Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MTU   Maximum Transmission Unit
NBC   National Broadcasting Company
NBP   Name Binding Protocol
NEMA   National Electrical Manufacturers Association
NHRP   Next Hop Resolution Protocol
NIM   Network Interface Module
NIS   Name Information Services
NIST   National Institute of Standards and Technology
NMI   Non-Maskable Interrupt
NMOS   n-channel MOS
NRZ   NonReturn to Zero
NSA   National Security Agency
OC   Optical Carrier
OPM   Other People’s Money
OPP   Other People’s Problem(s)
OSI   Open Systems Interconnection
OSPF   Open Shortest Path First
PAL   Programmable Array Logic
PAP   Printer Access Protocol (appletalk)
PCI   Peripheral Component Interconnect
PCI   Peripheral Component Interface
PCM   Pulse Code Modulation
PE   Packet Engine
PE   Physical Education
PE   Product Engineer
PLD   Programmable Logic Device
PLO   Palestine Liberation Organization
PM   Phase Modulation
PMD   Physical Medium Dependent
PMOS   p-channel MOS
PROM   Programmable Read Only Memory
PVC   Permanent Virtual Circuit
QA   Quality Assurance
QCD   Quantum ChromoDynamics
QED   Quantum ElectroDynamics
QoS   Quality of Service
RAM   Random Access Memory
RDR   Receive Descriptor Ring
RF   Radio Frequency
RFC   Request For Comments
RFI   Radio Frequency Interference
RIP   Routing Information Protocol
RIP   Rest In Peace
ROLC   Routing Over Large Clouds
ROM   Read Only Memory
RPG   Rocket Propelled Grenade
RPG   Role Playing Game
RSVP   Repondez-vous S’il Vous Plait
RSVP   Resource ReserVation Protocol
RTFM   Read The F*****g Manual
RTMP   Routing Table Maintenance Protocol
RZ   Return to Zero
SAP   Service Access Point (protocol stack)
SAR   Segmentation And Reassembly
SAS   Single Attached Station
SCA   Society for Creative Anachronism
SCA   Subsidiary Communications Authorization
SDH   Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
SEP   Someone Else’s Problem (see HHGTTG)
SGI   Silicon Graphics Incorporated
SGML   Standard Generalized Markup Language
SIA   Serial Interface Attachment
SIG   Special Interest Group
SLA   Symbionese Liberation Army
SMF PMD – Single-Mode Fiber Physical Layer Medium Dependent (a FDDI standard)
SMP   Symmetrical Multiprocessing
SMTP   Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNA   Systems Network Architecture
SNL   Saturday Night Live
SNMP   Simple Network Management Protocol
SNR   Signal to Noise Ratio
SP   Suppressive Person
STP   Shielded Twisted Pair
SVC   Switched Virtual Circuit
TANSTAAFL   There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TC   Transmission Convergence
TCP   Transmission Control Protocol
TDM   Time Division Multiplexing
TDR   Transmit Descriptor Ring
TFTP   Trivial File Transfer Protocal
TIA   Thanks In Advance
TIA   The Internet Adapter
TIA   Total Internet Access
TLA   Three Letter Abbreviation
TLA   Three Letter Acronym
TMBG   They Might Be Giants
TP PMD – Twisted-Pair PMD (aka CDDI)
TQM   Total Quality Management
TSR   Terminate and Stay Resident
TTL   Transistor-Transistor Logic
TUBA   TCP and UDP with Big Addresses
UDP   User Datagram Protocol
UART   Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
UHF   Ultra High Frequncy
UI   User Interface
UL   Underwriters Laboratory
UMM   Universal Media Module
UTP   Unshielded Twisted Pair
VHDL   VHSIC Hardware Description Language
VHF   Very High Frequency
VHSIC   Very High Speed Integrated Circuits (DOD term)
VHSIC   Very Healthy Sums of Instant Cash (John Wakerly term)
VLSI   Very Large Scale Integration
WOM   Write Only Memory
WWF   World Wrestling Federation
WWW   World Wide Web
YMMV   Your Mileage May Vary
YP   Yellow Pages
YPS   Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems
ZIP   Zone Information Protocol (in AppleTalk)

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